What to eat on moving day – Manhattan edition

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    Regardless of how well you are organized, people are usually under huge physical and emotional pressure on a moving day. Thus, they are often forgetting or skipping meals. And that is not a good practice. Eating proper meals is important. And on a moving day, you are burning more calories than usual. Maybe you won’t have enough time to cook and prepare meals for the moving day. However, you can always prepare something that is easy to carry and eat without cutlery. And, since you are moving to Manhattan, you will have many choices there. So, you will easily decide what to eat on moving day.

    A woman holding a slice of bread and making sandwich, with some of the things that answer what to eat on moving day.
    Preparing food for the move is an important step of the moving process.

    The dilemma of what to eat on moving day

    So, you have a choice to prepare the meals or buy and eat ready food. However, regardless of what you do, keep in mind the specific dietary requirements of your helpers. Some of your family, friends, or movers may be allergic to certain foods. And some of them are maybe vegetarians. Also, some people have certain religious food habits. Therefore, before you start, ask your helpers about their dietary requirements. Make sure to provide the food they can eat.

    Make a moving day food plan to decide what to eat on a moving day

    The moving day food plan will depend on the way you move. If you are doing it yourself, with help of friends, make sure to have enough food for everyone. Also, plan what to serve for:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Refreshments in between meals

    In case you hire Manhattan Movers NYC, they are taking care of their meals. In that case, you can offer them small refreshments in between main meals. Healthy desserts and a cup of coffee or a glass of juice are always welcome. This will give them extra energy to carry, load, and unload your things. And you will show that you appreciate the way they handle your belongings.

    Prepare meals for the moving day before your kitchen is packed up

    In case you wish to have homemade meals for the moving day, make them before your kitchen is dismantled. While doing so, check the food you still have at home. You will, for sure, find some:

    • Frozen food products
    • Canned food
    • Dairy products
    • Meat
    • Eggs
    • Cereals
    • Pasta

    Combine those items to make meals for the moving day. Avoid buying additional food. You could already see the list of things forbidden for transport. So, you know well that the moving companies are forbidden to transport food. This further means that you will have to leave the unused food behind. What remains you can always give to relatives or neighbors. However, don’t offer them the opened cans and opened packed food. Such you can always dispose of.

    A group of people sitting around the table at which is served lot of food.
    When moving long-distance, make a lunch break.

    Purchase disposable plates and cutlery for eating on a moving day

    During the move, all your things will be packed up. For some of your homemade food, such as sandwiches, a serviette is enough. However, you will need plates and cutlery to eat some dishes. In such a case, purchase disposable ones. After eating, pack them in a plastic bag and dispose of them in the first recycle bin you find.

    Start your moving day with a high-energy breakfast

    Many studies have shown that breakfast is the most important daily meal. And eating breakfast on a moving day is even more important. On this day, you will need extra energy. And proper breakfast will make sure that your body got the right amount of vitamins and minerals. But, what to do if your kitchen is already disassembled and packed by movers and packers Manhattan? Use disposable bowls and cutlery.

    You can always prepare nice oatmeal with fruit yogurt. Since the kitchen is packed, keep oatmeal in your food transport bag. And the yogurt you can keep overnight in the portable refrigerator. For those who better like heavier breakfast, the pre-prepared sandwiches are a great choice. Them, you can also keep them in the portable refrigerator overnight.

    Take a break during lunchtime on moving day, to eat and rest

    For long-distance moving, it is advisable to take a lunchtime break. It will give both you and your movers time to rest. And to have a refreshing meal. Once you reach your new place, they will have to unload the moving truck. So, they need some rest time. Besides stopping for lunch, you can also make some shorter stops. During those shorter stops, you can serve coffee for everyone. And some healthy snacks.

    A pizza on the square piece of wood.
    You can order some of the famous NYC pizza.

    Eating light food will keep you more mobile

    Eating heavy food during the moving day is not advisable. Many people believe that heavy food is good for physical works. In fact, the opposite is true. People usually feel sluggish after heavy meals. That is why the food you eat during the move should be light. But at the same time, it has to be of good quality. So, to preserve energy, it is recommendable to take healthy snacks more often. This is also true for pool table movers NYC. Once you reach your new place in Manhattan, they will need a lot of strength. For moving such a heavy thing as a pool table, besides skills, they will need strengths and strong muscles.

    It’s not just about what to eat on moving day – stay hydrated during the move as well

    When moving, it is important to eat good meals. They will give you and your helpers strength. But they will also make everyone more content and keep the good spirits of the group. However, you also have to make sure that everyone is well hydrated during the move. Thus, purchase a lot of bottled water. Also, get some juices that will keep the body’s electrolytes and sugar at normal levels. As well, if you are moving during the summertime, keep the drinks in your portable fridge.

    Besides, make sure that nobody takes alcohol during the move. Alcohol speeds up dehydration. And you don’t want anyone intoxicated to put you in an awkward situation.

    Your things are finally in your Manhattan apartment, so it’s time for a relaxing dinner

    The moving day is almost over. All your things are successfully brought to your new place. And the whole move passed without incidents. To complete such a good day, you may invite your movers for a dinner. You may offer a pre-cooked dinner from your “portable kitchen.” But you can also order some of the famous NYC pizza, to celebrate a successful move. That will also answer your question – what to eat on moving day once you reach Manhattan.


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