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    If you were ever wondering what is the most convenient and effortless way to move – this is it. The full-service move is the very definition of “moving without lifting a finger”. As such, it’s understandable that it can be a bit pricey. Nevertheless, the sheer amount of convenience it provides is well worth it. Another good thing is that it’s really easy to get started. The majority of Manhattan moving and storage companies have full-service move in their offers. All you have to do is give them a call, and you’ll be on your merry way. So, let’s see what can you expect from full service movers NYC.

    1. It all starts with a moving estimate from full service movers NYC

    Regardless of whether you applied for a free moving estimate on a website, a reputable moving company will send it’s representatives to your place. They will do an on-site estimate to assess the quantity and value of your belongings. Once they are finished, they will give you a precise cost for your relocation.

    Full service movers NYC will draft a detailed plan of your relocation.
    Full-service movers NYC will leave nothing to chance.

    2. Onward to planning

    If the estimate fits your budget, you can book the movers right away. You will give them the desired date for the move, as well as the destination address. After that, they will draft a detailed plan and see what moving services NYC best fit your situation. Just be sure to notify your movers of any potential problems, such as narrow stairways, lack of elevator or parking space, etc. This way your movers will know to bring specialized equipment and make necessary arrangements.

    3. The full service movers NYC you hired will help you reduce the cost of the move!

    Yes, you read it right. Decluttering is an essential part of every relocation. If included, the moving company can send their team to help you do it. Movers will assist you with decluttering and disposing of unnecessary items. Unless you decide to sell them online or through a yard sale. The important thing is, in both cases, you’ll be saving money.

    4. Now, the part everyone that’s ever moved hates the most: packing

    Of course, you won’t have trouble with it whatsoever. No running around getting packing supplies, no endless sorting, wrapping, padding, labeling. Your moving company will send over professional packers that will do it all for you. They will also disassemble your robust furniture and secure the appliances that can’t be dismantled, for easier and more compact stacking in the moving truck.

    5. Here comes the hardest part

    At the scheduled time, your movers will show up with the moving truck big enough to fit all of your belongings, and a bit more. “A bit more” is the specialized equipment they are bringing to make their jobs easier and your belongings safer. Still, even with all the tools, there will be a lot of heavy lifting. So be sure to have some refreshments prepared for your movers. They will highly appreciate it.

    6. Time to hit the road

    Once the loading is done, your belongings are in the capable hands (well, truck, actually) of experienced drivers. You can expect from full service movers NYC to plan the safest and fastest routes your drivers are going to take. Efficiency is always the priority.

    Full service movers NYC will plan the route
    Moving companies mostly hire drivers with ample knowledge and experience.

    7. Destination reached – time to bring in full service movers NYC once more

    When a moving truck arrives, it’s time for movers to take action once more. This time, they are unloading your belongings and bringing them into your new home. Some directions will be necessary, so instruct your movers where they should put the boxes and furniture for easier unpacking.

    8. Almost done!

    After they’ve unloaded everything, movers will assemble your furniture. They will also help you move it in place with the help of specialized equipment, so your floors and walls don’t suffer. And, if you so desire, they can also help you unpack the rest of your belongings for full convenience.

    A short answer

    As you can see, the answer to “What to expect from full service movers NYC?” is pretty simple: convenience and efficiency. Professionals are always the best choice when it comes to moving. Therefore, if you want to move effortlessly, a full-service move is the way to go.


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