What to expect when moving from Queens to Manhattan

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    Moving from Queens to Manhattan can be full of challenges. But nothing that is unsolvable, especially to a NewYorker. Manhattan is something new that is for sure. And it is very different from Queens even though we are talking about the same city. While living in Queens you were bound to go to Manhattan at some point, but even if you didn’t, once you move there you will see all the charm that New York has to offer.

    Moving from Queens to Manhattan

    When deciding between Queens and Manhattan the main element that will make you decide is the information you can gather about both boroughs. Since you are living in Queens now and thinking about moving to Manhattan or you have already moved there are definitely some new things you should be prepared for. First of all, so far you have probably noticed that there are a lot of things that are way more expensive than in Queens. Next, everything is faster, and people are always in a hurry, even during their lunch breaks.

    Also, there is one thing that can make you way happier you have moved from Queens to Manhattan and that is everything is so much closer to you now. If you go out to some nightclub, there is no big deal in returning safely to home. Because when living in Manhattan everything is so much closer. Keeping in mind that you are coming from the largest borough in New York and that is Queens.

    Houses in Queens
    Queens is the largest of the five boroughs

    Big difference in lifestyle

    moving from Queens to Manhattan is a new experience
    New York is a dream city for a lot of people around the world

    Moving from Queens to Manhattan means one thing and that is that you probably got richer. Because no matter how cool and urban Manhattan is, we have to look the truth in the eyes and realize how much does it actually costs to live there.  And the answer to that question is, it costs a lot. So, without further ado let’s say that if Manhattan has one flaw this is the one. You have to be financially capable to live in such a city as Manhattan.

    Rents are way higher than in Queens, and if you want to go out with your significant other to a dinner and a movie well that is more expensive as well than it was in Queens. But it’s not all black and all about the money, Manhattan is something like a center of the Universe. Therefore, it is bound to be expensive.  However, there is a great reason why people from all around the world want to come and live or at least see Manhattan. It is definitely one of the greatest places to be. And you know what they say – if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. No matter if it’s any one of the five boroughs in New York:

    • Queens,
    • Brooklyn,
    • Bronx,
    • Staten Island,

    It’s all New York.

    Nightlife in Manhattan vs. Queens

    When moving from Queens to Manhattan you will feel the difference in nightlife as well. Going out in Manhattan means, guess what? It means that you’ll have to have more money with you than when you were going out in Queens. But you probably knew that by the assumption that you were going out to Manhattan while living in Queens. Since Queens is half an hour subway ride away from Manhattan. So, yes nightlife is more expensive in Manhattan as well. But the clubs are awesome. Anything you can imagine you will find there.

    Clubs that are playing jazz and blues, clubs that are playing pop and R’n’B, everything from Britney Spears to Metallica. If you feel like just going out to wine and dine, Manhattan has one the best restaurants in the world. However, great fact is that you can live in Manhattan and enjoy that cool Manhattan life but you can still go back to Queens on any occasion possible. Nightlife in Queens is great as well, and you can save some money by still going out in Queens. But do keep in mind that you will for sure need a cab fare since you will need a ride to a club you want in the biggest borough in New York.

    Times square Manhattan
    Awesome and colorful nightlife in Manhattan

    How about the food?

    Moving from Queens to Manhattan doesn’t mean that you have to change all these habits you use to have while living in Queens. Yes, Manhattan has to offer you a variety of food and you can taste some new things. But Queens can do that as well. When moving from Queens to Manhattan you will experience new places to go out and eat. Next, you will get new ideas about what to prepare for yourself and your friends. Although, you should probably keep in mind that since Queens is so diverse and there are so many people living there in various parts of the world there are various types of food as well. But as a person from Queens, you already know that.

    Once moved to Manhattan from Queens you’ll see that food is delicious there as well, and there are so many chefs from all around the world that came to Manhattan to show off their talent and making food for you and other New Yorkers. They will bring to life every taste bud you have.

    Moving, in general, can be a bit stressful. But the fact that you are moving from Queens to Manhattan can make all that stress go away. A lot of people has a desire to move to Manhattan not all can realize that desire. It’s a place like any other where you have to work and prove yourself. But, with a very special vibe to it. Enjoy your new life in the most special city in the whole wide world.


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