When is the cheapest time to relocate from Manhattan

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Moving can be quite an expensive feat to do. There are a couple of ways how you can cut down moving expenses. One way is to do a DYI move or to rent moving boxes NYC instead of buying it. However, did you know that date of your move plays also a role in the final price of relocation? It might sound unusual, but the cheapest time to relocate from Manhattan actually exists. Therefore, if you are relocating soon, it would be in your best interest to know these moving hacks. If you don’t have some pressing reason why you have to move on some specific date, you should choose the least expensive date. 

The cheapest time to relocate from Manhattan vs the most expensive one 

Before you book reliable movers in Gramercy, you should know that there are differences in prices depending on the time of the year. Summer is a favorite season for many people, and also for the movers. The business in this part of the year is flourishing and prices are usually higher than in months when a business is slower. In summer as you know, people have more free time, kids don’t go to school and many decide to move in this season. Nice weather and warm temperature are contributing to a bigger demand. 

There is also a difference based on the day of the week. There is an ongoing battle going on between weekday vs. weekend moves and which one is better. For this round, weekdays moves are the winner as it’s a less expensive option for you. 

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November is among the cheap months to move

What part of the day and month is better for your move 

You can choose the best date for your move solely based on the season and day in the week. You should also aim for the best time of the month. Most contracts are signed at the beginning and end of the month. Guided by that logic, you should set your moving date somewhere mid-month as the demands and costs are the lowest. You should also book your Manhattan moving and storage services during this part of the month. 

Choosing early morning or late in the evening is a better choice than the middle of the day. It’s not exactly that moving deals are cheaper in that part of the day, rather the other conditions are better for the move. You will avoid the rush hour and you will spend less time in traffic, which means less money for the gas. Less crowd means fewer problems which lead to a lower level of stress. 

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Choose one weekday instead of the weekend

You shouldn’t rush when choosing your moving date 

When you are moving, it’s good to have a moving plan as a guide to successful relocating. In this plan, you should look for the cheapest time to relocate from Manhattan. To summarize everything in one place, here is the best time to relocate. 

  • Season – In winter is a better option than summer in term of prices 
  • Year – From November to January 
  • Month – Mid-month is a better option 
  • Day – Choose early morning or late evening 


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