Where to Donate Your Stuff Before Moving

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    Preparing for relocation is a perfect time to downsize your belongings. Many people are guilty of collecting items over the years and not using them. Also, apartments in NYC, especially in Manhattan, are usually small without enough space. For this reason, there is not a single good reason to move all your belongings with Manhattan movers NYC has to offer. It will be more time-consuming, expensive, and annoying to do. And those items will collect dust, once again. Now that you know why it’s important to declutter your belongings, you must decide what to do with them. There are various solutions at our disposal, but one stands out. The best solution would be to donate the items that are still in good condition. Many organizations accept all different kinds of belongings and money for a good cause. For this reason, here are places where to donate your stuff before moving.   

    The importance of proper preparation

    Every move consists of a couple of stages. The first one would be preparing your household for relocation. What is there to prepare apart from putting items in boxes, you ask? Moving is so much more than that, and people who have moved before know this. This means you will have to declutter your items and make an inventory. These are two really big steps to make and the real importance of inventory when moving is to know how many items you have. This way, you can get a more accurate number of moving boxes and other packing supplies. Apart from that, you will have a general idea of how much your move will cost, and how much money you should allocate to this.

    Picture of a woman thinking where to donate your stuff before moving
    Preparation is important

    Where to donate your stuff before moving to Manhattan?  

    Additionally, downsizing is the best practice for moving into a smaller place, because many apartments in Manhattan are like that. And thanks to the recent price increase of everything, the housing market has also changed. Everybody knows that NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the USA, but Manhattan is the pinnacle of expensive. Even the smallest apartments in the heart of New York can be ridiculously expensive.

    So small studio apartments will be the maximum that some people can afford. This means minimal living space, where you can only dream of an additional room for storage. And if you are downsizing, what should you do with all the items that just won’t fit there? You can only downsize by decluttering your belongings. After you selected which items you will need to get rid of, here are a few charity organizations where you can donate items in good shape.  

    • Goodwill  
    • Housing Works  
    • Hour Children
    • GreenDrop  
    • Salvation Army  
    • Nazareth Housing  
    • Brooklyn Public Library

    What should you pay attention to before donating?

    While going through your items before moving with some affordable movers NYC, you will find a wide range of items. They will all be of different levels of usage. Keep in mind that you should only donate items that are still in a good state. A good rule to follow is to never donate items that you wouldn’t buy second-hand from someone. Donating is giving to the less fortunate, but they also have the right to own nice items. So, all items that are broken or worn out should not go to the donating pile, but to the trash. If you are worried about the environmental impact of your items, you can always look for places that recycle different types of items. It might take additional time to find them, but it will be worth it. You will do humanity and the planet a favor.

    Picture of clothes
    Pay attention to the state of your items

    Always check first which items charity organizations accept  

    Goodwill might be the most famous charity in the country. Goodwill accepts gently used clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, handbags, luggage, household goods, and other items. Also, they do accept vehicle donations like cars, motorcycles, boats, and trailers. The only item they don’t accept is furniture. You can drop off items at their stores, or some of the places with Goodwill bins that can be found in many locations across the city. Research is key here since different charity organizations accept different things.

    Depending on the place that you are moving from, you might not be able to donate to some organizations. Always keep convenience in mind, since you will already be in a rush to finish all your tasks before a Manhattan moving and storage company arrives. Many people set aside items for donation, only to throw them in the trash just because they couldn’t bother going out of town to reach a charity organization. Because of this, you need to find where to donate your stuff before moving well ahead of moving day. 

    Ways to make donating more convenient

    As we stated before, donating sometimes takes extra time that you might not have. To avoid wasting items that are perfect for donation, you should try to do two things at once. One of the ways to utilize wardrobe boxes after the Manhattan relocation is to store decluttered items that you will be donating to charity organizations. This way, you will clear out numerous moving boxes and unneeded items at the same time. You can also give items to charity organizations all the time, not just when moving. Having a set-up box for donations will encourage you to fill it with items you don’t need anymore, making your home less cluttered and someone’s day better.

    And what are you supposed to do if you want to change some furniture pieces in your home? That doesn’t mean that furniture has to end up as trash. Even though furniture can be difficult to donate, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Since Goodwill doesn’t accept furniture, you can donate furniture at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, Housing Works, or Salvation Army. The person who wants to do something will always find a solution.

    Where can you donate books?  

    Books are interesting items. You usually just read them once or twice maximum and then you are done with them. Unless you are a passionate collector of books, they would soon take up too much space. For this reason, you can donate books at some bookstores like Argosy and Strand. Also, you can donate old books to Brooklyn Public Library. The important rule of donating items is to see which organization accepts which items and if they offer to pick them up. For this reason, when you are searching for a place to donate your stuff before moving, you should always choose the right organization for donating. 

    Picture of a couple carrying items
    When looking for places where to donate your stuff before moving, don’t forget about your books

    Final thoughts on donating before moving

    Donating is a beautiful thing to do, and it comes with many benefits for both sides. So, where to donate your stuff before moving is the question you should settle soon. But even though it should be done, some people just cannot let go of their items. If you have some items that you don’t want to let go, of but don’t have space for, renting some Manhattan storage units is a good solution. But even if you decide to do this, you need to start decluttering as soon as possible. Good luck!


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