Where to find free moving boxes in NYC

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    Where to find free moving boxes in NYC, you ask? The answer is simple, they are everywhere. But you’ll have to be quick because you are not the only one hunting for them, especially during the peak moving season. That’s why we made a list of just some of the places you can find free moving boxes in NYC so you can get your move off to a good start. It’s time to pull up your computer and check out your neighborhood. Maybe there are stores in Queens that got a shipment, book stores in the Bronx, or there could be an office building in Brooklyn that just can’t get rid of them.

    Places that might have a lot of boxes you can get for free

    • Large retailers – Your local Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Walgreens get a ton of shipments, and all of them come in boxes of different shapes and sizes. Your only concern should be talking to the managers beforehand. Tell them the approximate number of boxes you will need and most of the time they will be happy to help you out. 
    • Book and liquor stores – The best place for durable, high-quality moving boxes are Manhattan moving and storage providers. But if you want free boxes, those you find in book and liquor stores will do the job. Therefore your heavy items will fit nicely in them. After all, they transport dozens of books and bottles in a truck for days. The only downside is that these boxes aren’t available as much, so hurry up!
    • Trash and recycle bins – Sometimes it is easy as just strolling down the street. With a bit of luck maybe some of your neighbors put some boxes next to their trash. Just be fast or the garbage truck might beat you to them. And if you are extra lucky, you might have a recycling center in your area. They are full of boxes! The downside is they are all flattened, but use some tape on them and they will be fixed.
    • Office buildings – These are the places of great traffic. There are always new items coming in and out so obviously there are going to be some moving boxes available, especially if they recently went through a business relocation. Who knows, maybe you were going to work without knowing it’s a moving boxes gold mine.
    A man picking up free boxes he got froma a local shop
    Being friendly and asking managers politely for boxes is always a good idea

    Searching for free moving boxes online

    • CraigslistChances are you already came across this huge internet marketplace and the great thing about it is that it has a free section! People offer items there that they don’t need, and among them are also moving boxes that are of no use to the people that just finished their moving process.
    • Facebook groups Another place you can find friendly people ready to help is Facebook. Some groups are made just for people who are looking for free moving boxes, and on the other hand, people who just want to get rid of them.
    • Other social media platforms – Today there are so many hashtags all over your feeds! Just find some that are related to your situation, check if they are in your area, and with a bit of luck, you might be able to take some moving boxes.
    Young couple looking for free moving boxes online
    Check for free moving boxes online, it’s free!

    Hope we answered where to find free moving free boxes in NYC. It’s really up to you and knowing your neighborhood. Stroll down the street and check out if your local shop has boxes available. Even if that is not an option, searching for them online is. We are using the internet for everything nowadays, why not use it to help the moving process.


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