Winter Move to Manhattan – Tips and Tricks

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    We all like to spend time at home during the winter. Nothing better than being in the warmth and sipping your tea. Just watching the snow. Sounds nice. However, what if you need to move somewhere in the winter? What about all the cold? What about the snow? Well, don’t worry! We got a couple of tricks to help your winter move to Manhattan be a breeze.

    Preparation for a winter mover to Manhattan

    Never underestimate good preparation. It is the key to a successful move. When moving in the winter is concerned it is even more important. In order to spend as little time as possible outside, in the cold, everything should be prepared before the moving day.

    All your things should be packed and all the members of your family ready. Keep a list of all the things you packed and label the boxes on all sides to speed up the process. Leave some plastic cups/plates for the moving day. It beats having to wash and dry your dishes before your move. Also, you might want to brew some coffee or tea – it will be cold outside. Make sure you can easily pack your kettle/coffee maker by leaving some free space in the boxes.

    Prepare your home for the move

    Clean your driveway! Do it before the movers get there. It will speed up the loading of your things and reduce the chances of an injury. You want to be safe, and keep things speedy.

    A man shoveling snow in the winter
    Make sure your driveway is clean before your winter move to Manhattan

    Put something on the floors! It’s gonna be very damp and messy. You might want to cover your floors, because the movers will come in and go out of the house a lot. Putting something over the carpets will preserve them from all the snow.

    Make sure you brought everything! Sure, you packed all your clothes and china, but you forgot your favourite cup. It would really be a shame to drive all the way back form Manhattan to go get it again.

    Protect your stuff from the weather! Make sure all your things are dry. You can do this by covering the boxes before you put them in the truck. Just make sure there is no moisture in the moving truck. If your things are exposed to damp for a long time, they could get mouldy. Remeber to double wrap your things.

    Don’t DIY

    Now, it might seem like a good idea to try and reduce the costs for your moving by doing it yourself. Don’t do it, though. Moving is a tricky and hard process even in the summer. In the winter the elements will be against you. You’ll want some professionals to do the heavy lifting. Also, have you ever driven a truck? If the answer is no, don’t try to learn in the winter with all your stuff in the trailer.

    Also, have in mind that your movers are human too. Don’t rush them and treat them nicely. Trust us, they are as stressed out by moving in the winter as you are. And they are as chilled to the bone. Offer them some of the tea/coffee you brewed to relieve the pressure. If you respect your movers they will do their best to help you move.

    Get your car ready for your winter move to Manhattan

    A checklist for your winter move
    Make a checklist for your winter move to Manhattan

    Remember how we said that preparation is important. Well, it is. Remember to prepare your car for your move. You vehicle will move to Manhattan with you. Make sure to take the car to a mechanic at least a week before the move to chech if everything is alright. Also, for the moving day, make sure you have the following items:

    • Snow tires and chains
    • A snow shovel
    • Ice scrapers
    • Can of fuel
    • Charger for your phone
    • Roadside flares
    • An emergency kit
    • Roadside assistance membership card
    • Blankets
    • Flashlight

    Moving in the winter is unpredictable, so you’ll want to be prepared for every possible scenario. Make a checklist to help you!

    Start early

    Since days a re shorter in the winter, you’ll want to start your move early. No point in driving/packing in the dark. So, schedule your moves as early as possible. However, make sure to prepare your home for the move before the movers get there. No one  wants to wait in the cold.

    Dress in layers

    Dressing in layers will keep you warm, and if you want to help with your move, you can just take off a layer and be mobile again. Also, if you help with the move, you might get dirty. Use old clothes on top layers so you don’t ruin your shirt.

    Watch for the weather

    As we said, the winter is a cruel mistress. She can be fickle and unpredictable. One day is fresh and crisp. But the other is snowy and dreadful. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather. If you see a storm coming in, you might want to postpone your move to Manhattan. Also, if you see that there will be sunshine for a couple of days, you can schedule your move for then.

    a yellow cab in the winter in Manhattan
    Winter is unpredictable anywhere! Make sure you are repared.

    Be flexible

    Definitely the best advice! Be ready to change your plans as needed. If you get to Manhattan before your things, make sure you have

    the necessities in you car. These can make your live easy while you wait for the rest of your things. Or if your things get there before you, get a storage unit for them. Make sure you are ready for every situation that could befall you.

    In the end, the best thing to do is not to stress out. You are starting a new life in one of the best cities in the world. You’ll want to enjoy your first day there. There’s no point in stressing out on the move and failing to enjoy your winter walk through Central Park.


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