Moving from East Village to Upper East Side

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    It doesn’t matter if a move is a local or long-distance one as you still have to follow some rules of moving. The move is considered a local one if it is less than 50 miles. For this reason, moving from East Village to Upper East Side is a local move. However, you shouldn’t relax too much and think that this move doesn’t require a good moving plan and organization. You still have to do all necessary steps like decluttering, packing, loading, and transporting your belongings. These all require a lot of stamina, durability, and commitment, and it’s hard to do it without professional help. For this reason, the first step in your moving plan should be hiring Manhattan movers NYC for your move. 

    Moving from East Village to Upper East Side – What do you need to know? 

    East Village and Upper East Side are two completely different neighborhoods in NYC. East Village is once known as a funky neighborhood full of hippies and artists. You can still see the hipster influence. However, in recent years, luxury condos and fancy restaurants have taken over the neighborhood. However, East Village movers are still professionals as always. If you are tired of constant noise in East Village from numerous bars, restaurants, and theaters, it’s time for a change.  

    You can start planning your move to Upper East Side first by finding a good moving company. The best way to pick the best movers in Upper Manhattan is by looking at the company’s reviews, estimates, license and insurance, and the overall vibe of the company. It is very important to hire good movers as your move will greatly depend on their competence.  

    person walking
    These two neighborhoods have a different atmosphere

     What do you need to know about Upper East Side? 

    Life in Upper East Side is slower and more relaxed than in East Village. It’s known as a neighborhood where the wealthiest people in the country resided. Housing options are very diverse from renaissance-style townhouses and classic mansions to all types of apartments from luxurious to more affordable ones. The median rent for a one-bedroom is $2,800. Whatever type of apartment you choose, Upper East Side movers will bring your items unscratched. 

    Entertainment in Upper East Village is very diverse and interesting. The prominent feature of this neighborhood is Museum MileMuseum Mile is a mile-long part of Fifth Avenue where all major museums can be found. Additionally, you can find other attractions like 

    • Central Park 
    • Carl Schurz Park 
    • Park Avenue 
    • Balto Statue 
    buildings next to the river
    There are many attractions to see and visit in Upper East Side

    Restaurants and bars  

    When you are moving from East Village to Upper East Side, you won’t have to say goodbye to excellent restaurants. Many restaurants serve various types of cousin and food you want. In conclusion, Upper East Side is a beautiful neighborhood that has everything you need. It’s more relaxed than other neighborhoods like East village. So, if you want to move somewhere far from the crowds and noise, Upper East Side is the right match for you. 


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