Organizing Business Inventory in Storage

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    It is quite hard to find an affordable office space in a large city such as New York City. Unless you have a huge budget, you have to compromise and get a smaller office. Usually, you would not have enough space to store everything that you need in your office. For this reason, many people rely on self-storage facilities to avoid costly leases. There are actually many benefits if you use storage instead of using your office as a storage unit. You will have more space, your office will look more comfortable and bigger, and you will save money on your monthly rent. If you are moving to a new smaller office, you can also ask your Manhattan movers NYC if they have a storage unit. If yes, then here are all the best tips for organizing business inventory in storage. 

    Make a list 

    The main reason why you are using storage unit NYC would be to store your items and to retrieve them at one point. For this reason, you need to make a list of all the items you plan to store in your unit. This might seem like a step you can skip but it is extremely important to do it. Otherwise, you will lose your precious time, energy, and money trying to find one thing that you need in your storage unit. If you have a list, then you can just check your list and see whether you start it in the storage or somewhere else. 

    In addition to this, how this list should look like? You can get creative here or you can just go with the basic but functional one. It is easier if you make a list on your computer using Excel or any other similar program. This way, you can let your computer search for items that you are looking for instead of losing time reading through the list. On a similar note, you should also make a similar list when you moving with commercial movers NYC. 

    open laptop on the table
    Make a list before you start moving things to your unit

    Organizing business inventory in storage by making a map 

    After you make a list, it is time to create a map of your storage unit. Even though it is extremely useful to have a list, it is not going to be efficient if you don’t know where you stored your items. The best way to organize and maintain your storage unit would be to have a map of the same. 

    In order to make your company successful, you need to be very strict with your time and money. Having a map in your storage unit would help you with this. Instead of opening every single box in your storage unit, you can check the map and grow directly to the block that contains a document that you need. 

    pink storage units
    Do not forget to make a map

    Tips for packing your items 

    Lastly, when you are organizing business inventory in storage, you need to know how to pack your items properly. Here are all the best tips. 

    • Label all the boxes 
    • Place the large and bulky items at the back of the storage 
    • Do not stack too high 
    • Items that you need more frequently should be kept near the door 


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